MTG Commander Ruthless Regiment
MTG Commander Ruthless Regiment

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Planeswalker (1)
Nahiri, the Harbinger
Creature (32)
Kelsien, the PlagueTrynn, Champion of FreedomSilvar, Devourer of the FreeVerge RangersSpecies SpecialistTitan HunterFireflux SquadFrontier WarmongerBounty AgentDearly DepartedFrontline MedicKnight of the White OrchidMagus of the DiskOdric, Master TacticianRiders of GavonyThalia's LieutenantThraben DoomsayerDisciple of BolasXathrid NecromancerAlesha, Who Smiles at DeathCaptivating CrewFumiko the LowbloodMagus of the WheelTitan of Eternal FireAdriana, Captain of the GuardGeneral's EnforcerBanisher PriestCavalry PegasusDevout ChaplainZulaport CutthroatHumble DefectorGarna, the Bloodflame
Sorcery (5)
Citywide BustCleansing NovaIncreasing DevotionPainful TruthsAmbition's Cost
Instant (6)
Call the CoppercoatsFlawless ManeuverUnexpectedly AbsentCrackling DoomDire TacticsTerminate
Artifact (10)
Sanctuary BladeBonder's OrnamentArcane SignetBoros SignetCommander's SphereHeirloom BladeOrzhov SignetRakdos SignetSkullclampSol Ring
Enchantment (9)
Molten EchoesOutpost SiegeShared AnimositySanctuary LockdownBastion of RemembranceMartial ImpetusParasitic ImpetusShiny ImpetusVigilante Justice
Land (36)
Battlefield ForgeExotic OrchardShadowblood RidgeSmoldering MarshSpinerock KnollWindbrisk HeightsBojuka BogBoros GarrisonCommand TowerMyriad LandscapeNomad OutpostOrzhov BasilicaPath of AncestryRakdos CarnariumTemple of the False GodUnclaimed TerritoryBloodfell CavesEvolving WildsScoured BarrensWind-Scarred CragMountainPlainsSwamp
99 Cards